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Just who is MrLyCon

My name is Chris B. Jensen and I'm an 25 years old Environment Artist from Norway. I Work at Funcom in Oslo - Norway as a Senior Level Designer on Age Of Conan: Hyborian Adventures.
I fell in love with game editing and level design at the age of 11 and have done it hard core ever since. Got my first job at Enigmatic Studios in the summer of 2002 working on a yet unannounched title as Level Designer, but left in the summer of 2005 to work at Funcom on Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures. And I have also done various freelance work for other game companies.
I constantly try to better myself in my free time, as well as teaching others and I hope to be able to stay in the industry for many years and learn new things and hopefully be able to work on many different games.
Trying to work on maps and mods in my speartime, have worked on several mod projects over the years and it has helped me alot to build up my experience.
I'm also currently playing lead guitar in the rock/metal band Acylium.
Contact info:

Chris 'MrLyCon' B. Jensen
eMail: mrlycon [AT] mrlycon.com

NOTE: Due to spambots, I had to change @ to [AT] in my email address,
so when you send the email be sure to swop these.

Industry Experience:

Enigmatic Studios
Level Designer, and later Senior Level Designer
Did alot of the level design, some managing, some modelling and texture work on a yet unannounced title from 2002 - 2005.
Responsability included designing, blocking out, building and lighted levels. Creating models, unwrapping and texturing. Reporting to Art Director and managing the other level designers.

Senior Level Designer
Doing level design, both outdoor and indoor levels but mainly indoor. Making textures and some modelling. Started summer og 2005.
Responsability including designing, blocking out, building and lighting levels. In charge of the dungeon's of the game, reporting to Lead Level Designer and Art Director.

Technology and Tools
Technology I have worked with includes Quake3, Quake4, Doom3, Unreal, Half-Life, InHouse-Technology at Enigmatic Studios, InHouse-Technology at Funcom.
Fluent in Radiant, UnrealED, 3DStudio Max, Zbrush, Photoshop, World Machine, Terragen, InHouse-Funcom tool Genesis.

Teaching Experience and Conference's Attended:

Funcom Oslo
As we started to use Radiant to make Dungeons at Funcom I was asked to teach the other World Designer's at Funcom GTK Radiant, so i wrote a big document covering everything from the basics of radiant to very advanced stuff, then i held a teaching session.

E3 Los Angeles 2004
Various Conferences, but the most interesting one was held by Id Software's Tim Willits about level design for future games.

Game Developers Conference London 2005
Various Conferences including some interesing things from Sony Ericsson about mobile gaming.

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