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Age of Conan, finally done... pheu

Monday, 5 May 2008


It's been forever since my last update, again as always, but working in the game industry and trying to keep up with my personal life, girlfriend and friends and play guitar in a band makes it almost impossible.
Anyway... Age Of Conan has finally gone gold and what a relief. Even though it's still a few days left until you can pick up a copy at the store you can take a look at one of my maps right here right now since one of my levels for Age of Conan has been revealed by Funcom, and this means I can legally show off some screenshot of my work! Finally, after 3 years of working in secret behind closed doors at Funcom.

I have no idea if this is of any interest to anyone, but I sure as hell love to see screenshots and videos from other game levels so I thought I'll give the community a treat :).
So check out the images of the Lost Temple map here, I also recorded a quick run through that you may download here - Lost Temple Video [33 MB]

So I hope you will enjoy the peek at one of the levels from Age Of Conan in high res :)
I'll post screenshots of another ctf map within a month when conan is released as well, so keep an eye out for more.

Peace - Chris

Lost World Beta!

Thursday, 21 Jun 2007

It's been some time since my last update now, but things are really heating up at work with the Age Of Conan Beta and all, alot to do.
Anyway, after alot of hessitating I decided to release my Quake4 map 'Lost World', I need to state that this is a remake of the original Quake3 map 'Lost World' from Id Software, and as this was one of the two best maps that shipped with Quake3 in my oppinion, I had to do a remake.
This is my first remake ever and I have scaled the map a little to fit Quake4's gameplay, but still it feels more cramped than the original, but I think it's damn fun to play it anyway. Remember that this is beta version so if you have comments and suggestions to change item placement and so on send me an email.
Go to my map section to check it out or just download it here.


I also would like to mention that I'm working on a really cool side project, and hopefully i have something cool to show soon :)
So remember to check this site from time to time, it might just be right around the corner! But for now.. launch quake4 and play my awesome remake ;D

Radiant Interview and my Gaming Gear!

Tuesday, 23 Jan 2007

I was interviewed by Kat som months ago over at Quake3Bits about Funcom's use of GTK-Radiant for Conan, since Conan is using our inhouse engine that does not use the bsp system. You can read all about it over at Quake3Bits, or go to my Article section.

Apart from that I keep getting questions on what mouse I use when I play Quake4, and what nickname I usually play with. Well, when I play I very rarely go under 'MrLyCon', I usually use some random n00b name like pWner or some other awesome and not-so-awesome names.
When it comes to my gear, atm I'm using a heavily modified Logitech MX518 and I took a few pictures you can look at if you like. I have removed most of the mouse to get the weight down and done some other secret changes ;) and I have to say that this mouse is awesome to play with now! My mousepad is a XXL QcK Steelpad.

I have been a little busy with real life stuff lately, and this quake4 map contest took alot of time, so I haven't had the time to do alot of mapping on my quake3 remake, but I will release it soon I promise ;D
So until next time, stay alive!

Counterblast released!

Saturday, 4 Nov 2006

New Quake4 map released! Counterblast is a map I have been working on a very long time, it was actually made in a cupple of days, then I used a cupple of more days on the cave mesh, and the level was more or less finished visually at that time, but due to my own lazyness of registering my domain, as I wanted my domain up and registered before I sent it to the public, I never got around to release it.
The map in my opinion and the feeback I have got so far is that it's very fun to play, and I have been working a long time on tweaking the items so the map should be a very good 1 on 1 map.
The items are a bit changed in Tourney from FFA, there is no Quad for instance in Tourney of course. If you have feedback to the level, and / or want to write an review of the map send me an email with your thoughts, and if you wirte a review i'll put it on my site..
I hope you enjoy my level more than cYmoZz, atleast I do :)
This is the intelligent message he posted on a forum where I posted the map, I thought it was so elite and mature that I just had to post it on my site here:
"By cYmoZz :
I'm a pro-gamer and I dont like it, cauz this terrain area suckeis, the layout is crap and the item placement is quite strange and suckes.. textures dont fit well together and are ulgy, too."

Go to my map section to check it out or just download it here.


Apart from that, I'm now working to finish a remake from a very good Quake3 map, which should be finished and released pretty soon, stay tuned for more info and screenshots from that level.
Still working on all the sections on my website, will hopefully have everything working and filled with content by the end of this weekend.